The activities of the Avanquest Software Group are monitored operationally its Groupe CEO, Pierre Cesarini. His job is to formulate the company’s strategy according to the guidelines established by the Board of Directors, chaired by Group Founder, Bruno Vanryb, and to pave the way for its implementation by relying on the division managers.

Gouvernance ENG

Board of Directors :

A Board of Directors, composed of representatives of the Group’s main shareholders and of acknowledged, qualified entrepreneurs, runs the Group. It determines the Group’s strategic objectives and the means of achieving them. Along Bruno Vanryb, its chairman, the Board is composed by :

- Serge Bedrossian

- Roger Bloxberg

- Amélie Faure

- Andy Goldstein

- Ariane Gorin

- Todd Helfstein

- Olivier Hua

- Philippe Olivier

- Roger Tondeur