Avanquest Software: the entrepreneurs’ adventure

D3B_0939Avanquest’s story is first and foremost an entrepreneurial project that started in 1984 and continues to this day. In 1984 the word “startup” didn’t yet exist; in the beginning, there were just two of us. Today we are 530 employees scattered around the world, in Paris, London, San Francisco and Shanghai, united by the same ability to adapt in a constantly changing technological world.

And we’ve been through a good many changes in our thirty years! From those changes, we’ve drawn the values that cement our Group together today. First came the shift from a small business to a mid-sized one with annual sales of 100 million Euros; this was achieved through a desire to retain our flexibility and independent spirit. Then we went international: today, 80% of our sales are made outside France. We are a “Made in France” company, proud of our origins but completely involved in today’s world, in order to take advantage of talent wherever it can be found. Finally, the transformation of our business, with the decrease in physical software sales, has encouraged us to reinvent ourselves. Since 2008, we have been fully committed to shifting our Group towards online activities. These challenges have been taken up by our teams, passionately and dynamically, with a single vision: to undertake new projects so that we can always be on the cutting edge of technology!

These are the reasons we decided to set up a team of business-managers who all share one characteristic: they’ve all established companies in the industry. Within the Avanquest Group, as division heads or in managerial positions, they manage their team like a startup, independently and driven by innovation.

It is their energy and determination that has made us the ninth leading French software publisher and one of the 17 French publishers ranked in the European Top 10. Avanquest Software is an entrepreneurial success story; its chapters continue to be written with the same drive, and they are part and parcel of the history of new technologies in France.

Through this site you’ll learn about our values, our business, and our very active day-to-day life. Enjoy your visit! Bruno Vanryb Chairman of the Board